Employment Opportunities

SoSL Post Doc

The postdoctoral research associate will conduct research into the science of security (including writing and publishing the results of that research in peer-reviewed venues); mentor students in the science of security lablet; assist in preparing quarterly and annual reports from the science of security lablet; and assist in organizing meetings for the science of security lablet. A successful candidate would have completed a PhD in computer science or in a closely related field, or would have completed the main requirements, including successful defense of a PhD dissertation.

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Adjunct Instructors

We are seeking proposals for 1-credit, sophomore-level courses as part of our new Cybersecurity Concentration. If you are interested in proposing a course for Fall 2020 (or future semesters), please fill out the following form: https://go.ncsu.edu/security-course-proposals.

Director of Cybersecurity Practice

The Director of Cybersecurity Practice will be a technical liaison between practitioners in industry and government organizations and the SCI, gaining perspective and sharing challenges and solutions. The Director will coordinate a membership-based consortium of organizations with cybersecurity interests, facilitating communication at both the executive/leadership and technical levels and matching member research needs with SCI researchers, identifying licensable IP and technology commercialization where appropriate. The Director’s activities will also include founding and running a cybersecurity conference with the goals of identifying industry cybersecurity needs, communicating research results, and exposing organizations to NCSU cybersecurity students.

The position will exist within the SCI and will report to the institute co-directors. The Director will work as a peer of the Director of Cybersecurity Education aiding in the identification, recruitment, and review of instructors for short courses, mentors for capstone student projects, placement for internships and full time positions, and pursuing the possibility of offering continuing cybersecurity education to professionals, potentially teaching courses for practitioners. The Director will also be expected to be highly engaged with students, building on existing student group initiatives (e.g., Hackpack — https://hackpack.club) and developing new opportunities for students. The Director is expected to actively pursue industry research grants to ensure sustained support for the position and the institute research initiative, applications are encouraged by October 15, 2020.

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